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Introducing a Fashion-Forward Collection for Roman Shades
& Drapery

App & Automation

TEXTON’s motorization technologies are app-control enabled; compatible with iOS, Android and 3rd party systems.

Automate Scenes

Using any of TEXTON’s apps for motorized control, users can set a scene for waking up, bedtime, movie time or for anything else you find important.

The Right Time

Raise or lower your smart shades at the optimal time, so your home’s climate is always at its best. Using timers and natural daylight to your advantage will ensure less artificial energy consumption within the home.

Personalized Visuals

Using our Volta Automate app, you can update your home screen with an image of your choice. For users with multiple locations, you can differentiate each location with a unique photo.

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App Control Features

Variety of Room Settings

Group your motorized shades by room and conveniently control them accordingly.


Improved System Diagnostics

Installers have access to information that assists them in identifying potential issues.


Scenes & Timers

Personalize shade control and organize how your shades operate by specific daily events or scenes – automatically at the optimal time.


Offline Notification

This signal indicator highlights when there is no connection between the motor & the hub, to assist with troubleshooting.

Multiple Shade Types

Roller shades, drapery, outdoor shades, cellular shades. Control every shade from one screen.

Multiple Languages

TEXTON’s apps are avaialable in English, Italian, Dutch, French or German.

3rd Party Automation

Connecting with other automation systems

TEXTON’s motorized technology is compatible with many of the leading automation systems, including:

How It Works:

Choose Your Motor

TEXTON’s motorization specialist can help you select the right motor for your application.

Download A Driver

Your A/V Integrator will download the right software driver for the motor and the system.

Connect & Configure

After downloading, your A/V integrator will install and configure the software, connecting it to the system.

Getting Started

Setting up your motorized shades to be controlled by the app or your voice is simple and secure. Depending on the type of motor you have (Somfy or Volta), each motor has different requirements to get started.

Please download the guide to the right for information on the components and settings you need to get started.

Please note that only the Volta motor and app are compatible with Apple HomeKit.

If you require further assistance, do not hesistate to contact TEXTON directly.

Download Your Guide Below:

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