Touch Control

TEXTON offers a wide offering of touch controls, including hand-held and wall-mount units.

Hand-Held Remotes

TEXTON’s hand-held remotes are a perfect fit for those that want the easiest operation of their shades. With up to 15 channels to control individual shades, hand-held remotes give you the simplest way to control your motorized shades.

A Remote for Every Need.

Somfy One Channel

Somfy 5 Channel

Volta One Channel

Volta 15 Channel

Wall Switch

For those who seek a custom look, TEXTON’s wall switches provide a great solution. From a wireless wall switch with no cut-out required to in-wall wired switches, TEXTON gives you control.

Control With a Custom Fit

Somfy One Channel Wall Switch

Somfy 5 Channel Wall Switch

Volta 5 Channel Wall Switch

Getting Started

Setting up your motorized shades to be controlled by the app or your voice is simple and secure. Depending on the type of motor you have (Somfy or Volta), each motor has different requirements to get started.

Please download the guide to the right for information on the components and settings you need to get started.

Please note that only the Volta motor and app are compatible with Apple HomeKit.

If you require further assistance, do not hesistate to contact TEXTON directly.

Download Your Guide Below:

Somfy MyLink

Volta Automate