Control and automate your shades at home and away from home.

For Rollease Acmeda & Volta Motors

The TEXTON Home app offers endless options for making  window coverings work around you daily life. No matter where you are, you are always in control of the blinds within your home. The smartphone app, available for iOS and Android, is compatible with the Rollease Acmeda & Volta Pulse 2 Hub.


Automate Scenes

Tailored to You

Using the TEXTON Home app, personalize your shades by programming how your TEXTON shades interact with daily events. Set a scene for waking up, bedtime, movie time for any other time of the day.

A unique set of scenes available include holiday scenarios, environmental conditions as well as entertainment scenes. TEXTON Home offers a truly customized experience.

A Personalized Experence

Custom Home Screen

The TEXTON Home Screen will provide quick access to your favourite Rooms, Shades and Scenes. Each user has the ability to create their own experience, look and feel.


Variety of Room Settings

Group your TEXTON shades by room and conveniently control them accordingly.

Shade Status & Health

Installers have access to information that assists them identify potential issues.

Huge Range of Scenes & Timers

Personalize shade control and organize how your shades operate by specific daily events or scenes automatically at the optimal time.

Offline Notfication

This signal indicator highlights when there is no connection between the motor & the hub, to assist with troubleshooting.

Multiple Shade Types

Roller shades, Drapery, Outdoor Shades, Cellular … Control every shade type from one screen.

Multiple Languages

The TEXTON Home app is available in English, Italian, Dutch, French or German

Download Today

Getting Started

Download the TEXTON Home App via the Apple App Store or Google Play store and start creating scenes and timers for yourself.

Our handy set up guides, provide all the information you need from; overview, what’s in the box and detailed step by step instructions to help you seamlessly get started.