Roller Shades FR

TEXTON’s Roller Shades for the commercial environment offer a wide array of FR fabrics, with full motorization, custom colors & designs, backed by lengendary support.

Available Material Types

TEXTON Commercial Roller Shades Feature:

  • Wide selection of FR Fabrics, including options for openess, printing and texture.
  • Available motorization, featuring Somfy or Rollease Acmeda, depending on your application
  • Variety of fascia and valance options
  • Child-safety features compliant with ANSI standards

Design Options

Dual Shades

Add versatility to any space by allowing two different styles of fabrics to the same window – one in front of the other.

Coupled Shades

Coupled shades utilized a single clutch to operate multiple shades.


A simple extruded aluminum top treatment to conceal the shade mechanism from the front and the sides. Offered in 3″ & 4″ standard profiles (X” for dual shades).

Color options: White, vanilla, clear annondized, bronze and black

Roller Shade Fabric Wrapped Header

Coordinate your roller shade fabric with a custom fabric wrapped header. The header is designed to house the roller shade components.

Side Channels

To preven light leaks at the sides of the shade, side channels are an extruded aluminum panel which frames the window and guide the the shade in place.


This 3-sided extruded aluminum pocket can be ceiling or surface mounted to accomodate a variety of roller shade needs. A bottom closure panel can be added to full conseal the hardware.


TEXTON offers 2 hembar options: heat-sealed and fabric-wrapped. 



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