Troubleshooting: Somfy ST40 and ST50 Motors

The shade loses its limits after programming.

  • Make sure to complete the programming sequence to set limits.

The shade won’t work.

  • Make sure the motor has power.
  • Check the wiring
  • If the shade has been cycled repeatedly, the thermal overload protection may have kicked in. Let the shade rest for 10 -15 minutes and try again.
  • Reset and reprogram the shade.

The shade operates in reverse.

  • If the shade has been programmed, see “Reverse motor directions after the shade has been programmed” instructions.
  • If the shade has not been programmed, see the “Setting the limits” instructions.

The controller does not operate the shade properly.

  • Check the battery in the controller.
  • Make sure the remote is in the range of the shade.
  • Make sure the correct channel has been selected.

The shade limits need to be adjusted.

  • See the “Adjusting limits (After the shade has been programmed) instructions.