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Introducing a Fashion-Forward Collection for Roman Shades
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Volta Automate ARC Repeater

The Automate ARC repeater increases the wireless range between the remotes or the Automate Pulse Hub.  You can expect it to practically double the range you get in the current application.  ARC repeaters are simple to use and can be e4asily installed by simply just plugging it in.


In some instances, the remote signal may not reach all motors; simply plug in the ARC repeater near the suspected out of range motors.

If you have an instance whereby not all motors are responding or responding intermittently, the ARC repeater will double the range you currently get.

Factors that affect your range

  • Metal is the biggest factor that affects your range; even if there is a metal roof, the remote signal bounces around the house and a metal roof absorbs the signal.
  • Solid brick walls will heavily affect the range and absorb and reduce the signal
  • Wall tiles and glass
  • Other metal frames’ electrical cables
  • Microwave signal; even a residential microwave will shorten the range (while it is running)


  • Increases the range up to 40m/131f
  • No pair4ing or configuration
  • Easy to use Plug & Play
  • USB power
  • Simple test function
  • Maximum 2 Repeaters per system / network
  • Bi-directional (receives motor feedback)
  • Can be aligned in 90 degrees that will improve the signal range transmission